About Us

We are a Tier 2 Producer and Processor from North Central Spokane. Our completely indoor facility is kept spotless and free of pests thus allowing us to guarantee our product is 100% free of pesticides and other unnecessary additives. 
We are small, family owned and operated company that began from the ground up and currently only utilizing at about 1/3 of our allotted canopy growth space allowed by the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) and the State of Washington with plans to expand to full capacity.
Our advanced system of feeding and caring for our plants has been designed and built from scratch to help us yield more than average while still utilizing organically derived nutrients brewed in house at our facility. 
After a drying period hanging in a climate controlled room, our buds are hand trimmed then stored to continue curing to perfection before being packaged and sent to our retail partners.
All trimming is done by hand by professionals that have over 60 years of combined hands on cannabis experience.  
We strive to live up to the name Legendary by utilizing Laboratory levels of cleanliness and accuracy in every aspect of our process assuring the highest quality, top-shelf, Legendary products.
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